Of Poetry, Nixon, and Insomnia

Poppa continues his penchant for poetry writing for January 20 & 21 of 1908:


Jan 20

Come read to me some story
Of the glorious olden time,
And I will take my talent
And weave it into rhyme;
Don’t read me of conquerors
Who only lived for fame,
But read me this evening
Of some humbler name.

Aw, that one is really sweet.

Jan. 21

Then bring me pen and paper,
And a poem I will write
On the sad and mournful story
You will read me to-night;
And coming ages shall read it
And say it is the best
That a poet has ever written,
And on it my fame shall rest.

Two thoughts: 1) quite the 180 from ‘some humbler name’, 2) reminds me of being a kid and practicing my signature for when I’d famous, 2a) I see my freshman students do this every day.

Interesting nuggets from January 20, 1969, Poppa was planning to watch Nixon’s inauguration, and he watched and episode of Gunsmoke.  The latter is interesting because my uncle is an actor that was on several episodes of Gunsmoke so I wonder if my grandpa watched his son on television. I’m also intrigued by my grandma’s use of green stamps; I can clearly remember my parents collecting them and me going with them to the greenstamp store. For the life of me I can’t recall how one got greenstamps. I love the sweetness with which he writes about Mimi.

The 21st is a little troubling, he’s having difficulty sleeping and apparently had a couple of nightmares. The way he takes time to detail his interactions with the milk is totally something my dad would do, and also makes me wonder, “Did milk really spoil that fast in 1969?”


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