Insomnia and More Questions

Apparently in 1908 my grandfather didn’t have anything to write about on this day. So on to January 22, 1969:


Interesting that he considered sleeping until 3 a.m. a good nights sleep. Again, though I do not have any recollection of Poppa I can visualize him through my father. My Dad also had trouble sleeping, he worried a lot; especially with the onset of my Mom’s Alzheimer’s. But I can also recall numerous days where my Dad spent hours organizing and reorganizing things as well as writing letters; he enjoyed writing letters; always searching for the perfect words.

I wonder what papers he burned in the morning of the 21st? Was he disposing of newspapers? Gambling debts? Mistress’ phone numbers? I seriously doubt both of the latter, as he was obviously a church going man, but when he doesn’t say what papers he burned it does beg questions….


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