I was not expecting this.


Wow, I wonder what he was asking forgiveness for? I mean the day started out normally enough, then WHAM! He thinks they are both “sick”? Wonder what the conversation was like when Mimi got back from the beauty shop. Oh, and apparently mellorine is a cheap kind of ice cream; thought it was some sort of sleep aid.

The entry for Jan. 23, 1908 was a little more benign:


Wish I sketch that well. For the 24th and 25th is either notes on hatching chickens or a poem about hatching chickens, then some note Lord Byron:


WTF is going on in this little book? Does it get lost periodically? or does he just write when the mood strikes?

Ok, the 24th and 25th for 1969 get back to “normal”, though the normal seems to be more bad dreams and little sleep:


I wonder if people still go to their great nieces weddings?


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