Legacies 1.0

Digging through the multiple photo albums and boxes of photos my parents filled over their lives I am finding gold. I had seen the photo below before but not for a LONG time. It had been near the bottom of the last box I excavated in this envelope:

Scan_20160627 (3)




Holy crap! After typing in the words from that envelope into Google I found out that on April 5, 1905, Teddy Roosevelt visited Dallas; he was the first President to do that. He apparently also gave his “Square Deal” speech, or a version of it Google gave me fuzzy results, at a dinner later the same evening!

Scan_20160627 (4)

Refurbished; in the same envelope.

Not sure who snapped the pic, most likely my grandfather; I’ll have to pick my uncle’s brains. It reminded me of the time my folks met the Clinton’s and when Robert Kennedy Jr. came to give a speech in my city. It’s mind blowing, the connections to powerful political figures my ‘ordinary’ family has had.


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