Legacies 2.0 Oddities

As I delve deeper into the treasure trove of family photos I find things like this…


…which make me scratch my head and think, “Why would anyone take a picture of that?” Was it in preparation for the possibility that the labels might fall off? Or because they were proud of their labeling skills? Maybe they sold label makers.

I also find photos like this…

Scan_20160706 (2)

…and understand why it was taken. It’s cute and immortalizes a universal childhood experience; the Ice Cream Man. Then, just when the past is making a little sense I find a photo of a cow….

Scan_20160706 (3)

…er, I mean a bull. Interesting how much more clear some images are after scanning. For instance, besides the bulls “bullness” becoming obvious, I had no idea there was a dude behind him. I’ll likely never know who he, or the bull, were as I don’t know if they were on my Mom’s side or my Dad’s, and there’s no one left to ask. Cool picture though.

This confused me momentarily….

Scan_20160706 (4)

…thought it was recording a near tragedy of some sort. After closer inspection, I realized that was the tower on the campus of the University of Texas, Austin, where my grandmother was the librarian for a bit and my grandfather once owned a service station next to the campus which was annexed when the campus expanded. Rather than put my granddad out on his heels though, the university made him the first director of parking and traffic for the university. Thus it’s obvious one of them shot the blimp.

Speaking of my granddad….


Scan_20160706 (5)

…he sold tires at his service station; big ones apparently.

As I sift through the photos largely collected by my dad and blog about the legacy they leave I discover this….

Scan_20160706 (6)

…a photo of his name scorched into the wall of the family home in Arlington, Texas; which by the way is the oldest home in Arlington.

Oldest Home in Arlington


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