Legacies 3.0

The process of digitizing the family slides has been quite an adventure. Especially intriguing has been trying to discern where some of the slides from my parents trips to Europe where taken. I knew they had been to Europe several times and I knew the countries they had visited, but many of the slides did not have labels. This being the case I was stunned when one of the slides turned out to be this:







Stunned because I had just been to this place, Schönbrunn Palace in Austria, last summer and while there had wondered if my folks had visited. I had a strong feeling they had been and this slide, along with some others, confirm that feeling. So naturally I had to compare photos.

One of the photos I took that helped me confirm my dad’s slides were of the same place is this one:






Both photos have the same church in the background. It took me a while to figure out where this one had been taken:






But figure it was from the top of this structure (which I didn’t have time to climb):






One of the most interesting observations I made comparing photos is that apparently the gardens haven’t changed.






I had a new camera on my trip with lots of fancy filters, so apparently this was the only one I took of the gardens filter free:






For comparison, here is one with the “diorama” filter:






It was awesome to “share” the visit to Schönbrunn with my parents. When travelling I often feel my parents are with me; didn’t realize just how right I was.


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