Things Unsaid #637

It’s been a while since I jotted down these thoughts I had but kept in my brain so I don’t actually remember what prompted many of them. Meh, make up your own scenarios.

I wonder how he ties his shoes.
What made him think that was a good idea?
I don’t think she’s going skiing.
They’re shaped funny.
Kinda wish they were going right to left.
I thought her varicose veins were a tattoo.
Wow, that’s a large person.
Wonder how long he’s had those pants.
That is a HUGE woman.
Commute smells like onion today.
I like sitting on the edge of seats.
Smells like chicken soup today.
My sandwich is stinky.
Is that a bathrobe? Oh, just too much plaid.
Kinda smells like meatloaf outside.
Probably should have worn shoes.
What’s a spent shotgun shell doing in the COSTCO parking lot?
What a cavalcade  of crap
I wish I had more hands.
I hate it when the holes don’t align.
I kinda want a hot dog.


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